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Why is it necessary to decontaminate indoor air?

Because the pollution contained in the air we breathe kills no less than 60,000 people a year in France alone.


And that the cost of absenteeism in companies represents a loss of 45 billion per year!

For our children, their schools and places of activity… For hospitals, clinics, care facilities and retirement homes… For our offices, our companies, the professional facilities where we spend our time…

Our houses and apartments, faced with insulation and caulking standards that prevent air renewal and the risk of polluting micro-organisms development.

Did you know it?

The different air pollutants

The attic

Usually the least insulated room in the house, the attic is full of dust, mould and pests.

The living room

This is the main room of our houses. This is where most of the indoor pollutants from carpets, upholstery, furniture, or air fresheners are found.

The garage

In the garage, one can notice the presence of exhaust fumes, chemical residues (pesticides)

The bedroom

The mattress, commonly found in the bedroom, is a paradise for dust mites. In addition, too high a temperature can affect the air quality in that room.

The bathroom / WC

The bathroom and toilet are wet rooms. This leads to the development of mould. Sprays and household products also pollute the air in these rooms.

The kitchen

Combustion, furniture and paint strippers degrade the air quality in this room. Formaldehyde and mould may also be present.


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