R-Clean 200

Discover the capabilities and technical specifications of R-Clean 200 !

What’s R-Clean 200?

It’s an indoor air decontaminator.

Thanks to its Oxypoll technology, ambient air is sucked-in and then passed through a photosensitive reactor activated by a UVA lamp.

The pollutants contained in the air are degraded by the reactor and transformed into Hydrogen, Oxygen and an infinitesimal quantity of Carbon Dioxide.

How does it work?

The Oxypoll reactor consists in a mixture of semiconductors and precious metals. The UVA lamp (370 nm – non-ozone-generating) will activate the semiconductors capable of degrading organic and inorganic pollutants and cleaning the indoor air we breathe.

It is a destructive and non-selective technology, which mineralizes pollutants by generating O2, H20 and CO2.

Who is it for?

R-Clean 200 has been designed to respond to the problems encountered in medical environments, or in any place of human aggregation, professional or not, which enhance the spread and contamination of micro-biological contamination. 

We have designed a specific device for customers individual, with a power of 9 watts.  It is capable of decontaminating 30 m3 of air per hour.

In air-conditioned offices where the air contains many outdoor pollutants such as fine particles from combustion, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides, volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds, or pollen.

There is a 13 watts device, dedicated to professionals, which decontaminates 45 m3 of air per hour

Why choose R-Clean 200?

The active ingredient of R-Clean 200 does not degrade.
Reactor replacement is possible in case of intensive use or polluted environment.
Consumes less than 15 Watts or 1 euro per month.
The noise of the suction motor is less than 25db.
The life of the lamp is estimated at 3 years.



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The pollution of our parking is very important, and after numbers of tests, the results after trying the solution of Clear Air Way were very concluding, reducing dramatically the quantity of nitrogen dioxide coming from car’s exhaust pipes. An Excellent Product!”

Les Parkings Parisien

“We had serious fungies issues that attacked our oak barrels. The problem have been solved within 3 days thanks to Clean Air Way products.”


Récoltant en vin de la RIOJA (Espagne)

“We wanted to compare different ambient air cleaning technics, and after multiple tests, the most convincing solution was the Clean Air Way technology”


Clubs de cigares de Paris

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